Second Quarter Newsletter (April – June 2016)

The second quarter of 2016 brought us 11 children to help make their day a little brighter. 

Also, during this time, we added another Shelter to our list of partnerships. SafeHome is a domestic violence survivor shelter. They are located in Overland Park and serve over 7300 individuals in order to rebuild and lead healthy, independent, abuse -free lives.

The following volunteers helped us for the months of April through June:

Alan J, Abby H, Sheila H, Barb D, Kathrina M, Dorothy L, Linda G, Julie H, Rebecca G, Kelly C, Sherrell T, Chris B, Kimberly A, Linda R, and Amanda W

I hope you all are enjoying  your summers and enjoying your vacations.

I appreciate all that you do to keep Birthday Blessings successful each and every month. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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