Birthday Blessings KC, Inc. started out as an idea during a church service.

In one of our church series entitled SENT, there was a sense that I just needed to do something in our community. I didnt know exactly what it was until about the third week into the series. Then it hit me: Cakes and Kids. I have always enjoyed decorating cakes and learning more and more about the craft. With my love for kids and serving in my church in our nursery, the two just went hand in hand.

About two weeks later I finally figured out what I was going to do with the idea. With so many charities out there doing food, clothing, and other works, I didnt really see anything regarding a childs birthday. So with that, my idea started to flourish.

I contacted my community growth pastor for ideas on how to get this started. At the same time, I had remembered that one of my neighbors was a school psychologist/counselor and thought I would get her opinion as to how to go about getting started and if she had any ideas. With the help of my neighbor and our growth pastor, we were able to talk to local charities and schools to start the process to make Birthday Blessings a reality.

Birthday Blessings KC has grown so much since we first started and I am looking forward tomaking an impact in my community and yours.

I thank you so much for visiting our site and hope that we can make a child or children in your area smile by giving them the gift of a lifetime.



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