September Very Successful

This September we decided to do things a little different in terms of our flyer distribution. Instead of rolling out all 15,188 flyers all at one time, we decided to phase in the districts a few weeks at a time. So far, this is proving to be easier to work with and causing our numbers to be more even.

This month we helped 31 children. Last year, we helped 55 children. Spacing our numbers out like we did this year, has helped us to stay consistent rather than having one month heavier than the others.

We would like to say thank you to the volunteers who helped us make September’s children smile and enjoy their special day:

Kelly C, Linda R, Ann H, Beverly G, Bethany H, Chris B, Joe H, Michelle S, Julie H, Robin G, Sherrell T, Dorothy L, Kimberly A, Barb D, Jordan C, Pamela C, Virginia K, Lisa H, Linda G, and Lori N.

Here are a some of the children that we were able to capture for this month:

Picture0906141153_1 copy IMG_9232 copy IMG_9228 copy IMG_9219 copy IMG_9233 copy IMG_9220 copy Picture0906141154_1 copy IMG_9217 copy IMG_9222 copy IMG_9223 copy IMG_9230 copy

October is shaping up to be just as busy, if not more so. Thank you so much for all of your help and your dedication. Looking at all of this beautiful smiles, shows just how much these children enjoyed their day.

Remember, if you know of anyone who has a passion to work with children, loves to bake, or loves to give, please send them to our volunteer page and we can get them started. The only way for us to be known, is to get the word out!

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