A Successful February

February is coming to a close and we’re finally seeing some snow in our neck of the woods. It still isn’t a big snow, but I will take a couple of inches over nothing any day. I’m probably one of the few who actually would like to have some snow.

This month we have had several new volunteers join with us, and I welcome you all for joining Birthday Blessings. I hope you enjoy working with us and find it rewarding to see these little faces light up.

For this month, we brought smiles to 33 beautiful little boys and girls. When we are able to capture these children on camera, I hope you have been receiving your pictures either through text or emails. For sure, you will find them here each month.

The following volunteers helped us in February, and we appreciate you so much taking the time out of your busy schedules to serve the children who are in need in our communities. Each of these smiles was because of you and your dedication.

Bethany, H, Sherrell T, Kelly C, Dorothy L, Debe O, Chris B, Kimberly A, Julie H, Laura R, Joe H, Tania S, Beverly G-T, Gwyn D, Sheila H, Aimee T, Linda G, Nick W, Gretchen S, Robin S, Michelle M, Barb D, Jennifer D, and Virginia K.

As stated in our January newsletter, Birthday Blessings will be making a change with some of our protocol. We are striving to make a better impact by reaching the families who truly need our services. We have been a free for all service since we started in 2011, and we have definitely made strides in getting our name out there and serving the children in our communities.

The big change that will be happening soon, is that we will be working hand in hand with the school counselors, social workers, as well as Parents as Teachers (PAT) educators to ensure that we meet the need in our community. We will be limiting applications on the free for all side. These changes will not go immediately in to effect yet, and that is due to having a meeting with the school counselors in the next couple of weeks. Once we get the details finalized, we will make these changes effective.

Also at the same time, we will be looking at updating our website and redefining our mission statement.

This is going to be an exciting time as we look to making a better impact within our communities and redefining who we are as an organization.

We did not get very many pictures this month, but here are the sweet smiles of the ones we were able to get:

I appreciate all that you do to keep Birthday Blessings successful each and every month. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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