March Was Great!!

It’s Spring!! I’m hoping that the warmer weather continues to stay with us and that winter is done for a very long time. It’s been so nice to be outside, enjoy Spring Break with my littles, and deep clean my house. I hope you all had a great Spring Break and taking advantage of the nice weather yourselves!

I want to welcome our new volunteers who joined this month. We are so happy to have you. If you have any questions at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For this month, we brought smiles to 26 sweet boys and girls. All of them were so excited with all of their items.

The following volunteers helped us in March, and we appreciate you all so much for being a part of their lives:

Joe H, Nick W, Linda R, Debe O, Kelly C, Virginia K, Chris B, Sherrell T, Linda G, Abby H, Laura R, Michelle M, Ann H, Robin S, Lori N, Bethany H, Jennifer D, Beverly G-T, Sheila H, Gwyn D, and Julie H.

March was definitely a busy month for deliveries but we also got to be a vendor at the Bubbles, Blocks, and Books event at Bonner Springs Library. We were able to meet several vendors and meet many families and potential volunteers.

As stated in our February Newsletter, we will be implementing some changes. Here are some of the changes that we will be transitioning to very soon:

1) To ensure that we meet the needs of those who are truly in need, we will be working hand in hand with our school’s social workers, counselors and PAT educators (Parents as Teachers).

2) We are also working with KC Metro area shelters. Those that are living in these shelters literally only came with the clothes on their backs or bringing whatever they could carry. With this in mind, we will be accepting all ages for this group of applicants. The applications that come from the shelters are directly faxed to us and are treated differently then our other applications. They only receive cakes/cupcakes.

3) Our age requirement is changing for our general applicants. We are now going to be serving children’s ages 4-12. Our target age group is 4 year Preschool through 5th grade (elementary ages), and we feel that our birthday blessings will be able to remember their birthdays with this age group. Although it is always fun to see those sweet babies, we feel targeting this specific age group would be better for the organization. This will go into effect this weekend.

4) We will be coming out with a new website design and mission statement. I’m hoping that our volunteers will be able to get to our volunteer calendar through the website in case the bookmark has disappeared, been deleted, or forgot to save it. Our new mission statement will be geared to all areas of our organization: the families we serve, the volunteers who make it happen, and to our communities. Look for this to occur in the next couple of months.

Here are a few of the sweet birthday blessings we served for the month of March:

Looking forward to seeing what April has in store.

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