Seven Year Old Boy

Today, we had a delivery to a little girl turning seven.

This little boy was so excited about us being able to give him a birthday, that he ran up to us, gave us a hug and loved everything we gave him. He couldn’t stop talking about how everything that he got was his favorite!

His mom was very thankful to us and started to tear up because she saw just how happy her son was.

Happy Birthday, J! We hope your day was an amazing one!

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  • I am so blessed to have people that care!!!! Thankyou so much!!! J was sooo excited, he had to share his cake w/ everyone… he couldn’t stop talkin’ about how it was sooo nice that strangers thought of him on his birthday, even though they didn’t know him!!! THANKYOU AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!! sure did start tearing up again just from reading the above!! lol…i’m, so emotional! lol…thanks again’ for everything!!!!!

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