June 2013 A Success Story

Two things happened in June for this year.

The first is that June brought us 17 kids to share the smiles, the love, and the excitement that we see every month. It was a little bit slower than what we’ve seen the past few months, but still busier than what we usually see. We start the slower season for us, but still an amazing number considering that last year we saw 10, and our opening year (2011), we saw 5!!

It is a pleasure to be able to work with so many amazing volunteers. This month, we would like to thank the following volunteers who helped make June 2013 an excellent month!

Jeanette E, Catherine M, Janice W, Kelly B, Kristi O, Jennifer M, Michelle M, Dorothy L, Jenny M, Tina H, Kim M, Gwyn D, Barb D, Lisa L, Jennifer S, Sheila H, Bernie F, Tiffany F, Julie H, Emily A, Kelly C, and Ann D.

Secondly, we hit a huge milestone. Last year, at the end of 2012, we hit 143 kids. Jill and I are proud to let you know that at the end of June 2013, we hit last years number. 143 kids in just 6 months!! This is such an exciting time and to see all of these kids and the parents that we help, is an amazing feeling and we want to be able to do more.

The only way that we can get bigger is to let people know about us, so as always, spread the word, and help us reach more kids and families! We are making an impact within the Kansas City area, and we are so proud of everyone who has been a part of our organization.

Thank you for helping us make Birthday Blessings – KC what it is and for helping us grow!

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