November Was Another Big Month

November was another big month for us. This month, we helped 58 children! Last year, we helped only 28 children. We doubled the number of children this year. It is always is a big success when we can add to the number of children who we are able to help.

Thank you so much to those volunteers who helps us out a lot during the month of November. We really appreciate all of you and so glad that you all have gone above and beyond to help us month after month.

Julie H, Kelly C, Tressa S, Sheila H, Chris B, Barb D, Virginia K, Pamela C, Lori N, Amy S, Shelby R, Laura R, Ann H, Bethany H, Beverly G-T, Jennifer D, Linda G, Jordan C, Joe H, Sherell T, Aimee T, Dorothy L, Christy A, and Emily S!

We weren’t able to capture a lot of those beautiful smiles this due to school being in session, but here are a few of the children who we helped for November.

IMG_9442 copy IMG_9439 copy IMG_9449 copy Natalie copy IMG_9452 copy IMG_9395 copy IMG_9454 copy IMG_9453 copy IMG_9443 copy IMG_9437 copy

Thank you so much for all that you do to keep Birthday Blessings going. We appreciate you all so much. Have a wonderful Christmas with your families and be safe if you are traveling.

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